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Radiotherapy is one of the treatments for cancer. It involves exposing the cancerous cells of a tumour to radiation (also known as rays or radiation), which prevents the diseased cells from multiplying and destroys them.
Your first contact will be with your radiotherapist, a doctor specialising in radiotherapy.
Having familiarised himself with your case, in particular through Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings, the radiotherapist will suggest the most appropriate treatment for you.
After this initial consultation, a centring scan is carried out to mark out the treatment on your skin.
The total number of treatment sessions and their duration varies from patient to patient. In the radiotherapy department, radiation is produced by a particle accelerator.
For each session, you will be placed on the treatment table by the radiotherapy technicians in the accelerator room. During irradiation, although you will be alone in the room, you will be in constant communication with the handlers in the next room, who will be equipped with microphones and a camera.
A specific and rigorous quality approach is in place in the department. The operation of the radiotherapy equipment is regularly checked by the department's team of radiophysicists and by the manufacturers.
The radiotherapy team is at your disposal on


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To get to the clinic, take rue Marcel Paul for about 200 metres and you'll find our establishment on your left.

The first car park entrance on your left will give direct access to the Reception Hall. The second entrance will give you access to the medical-surgical reception area, outpatient and pre-anaesthetic consultations, the medical imaging department and the nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and outpatient chemotherapy facilities.

You can park in the car park near the second entrance. There is also a public car park opposite the building.

There is also a train station at the bottom of rue Marcel Paul (close to the public car park).

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